2016 Rocco Granata - Works
Works is the musical part of the installation
300 Cds around the World
If you want to use my these songs send me a message to the page contacts.



2018 Rocco Granata - Modern Times
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2018 Rocco Granata Soili - What does it mean?
Soili is a my IDM music project. Soili is my electronic alter ego.
If you want to use my these songs send me a message to the page contacts.


Thanks to Sheller Ghorbani and Teitak - Contemporary Art Performance based on Tehran (Iran) - for using my song "Lullaby" for their performance "Ablution" for the exhibition "Instagram and the Artist's Studio" at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (Minnesota - USA).

Performance by Sheller Ghorbani
Director & choreography by : Sheller Ghorbani
Music by: Rocco Granata - Lullaby
Video by : Naser Hesami

The film Malak will be released in 2019. It is an honor for me that director Timo Hinkelmann and producer Jonathan Weber have chosen a my song to be included in the soundtrack. This is the teaser with the first shots of the film with "In My Bed" from Modern Times written and produced by me and sung by Leo Wood.

Urban RE Action Figure – Roma Museo MACRO
From 14 to 16 July 2017 the Cd Works was taken to the Museo Macro in Rome on the occasion of Urban KING Action Figure. It's probably the first Cd to be exposed in a Museum of contemporary art.
300 CDs around the world
This is the first CD that is both a musical project and art installation. Works is a collection of 12 instrumental tracks written and produced by me, distributed free in two ways: antisocial and social. Through the social distribuitionyou can ​download the entire album for free. Through the antisocial distribuition "Works" is handed out through an art installation.Works has been made into 300 numbered and signed CDs, left on the streets or in public places, there to be picked by people passing by. Every copy left is photographed and the photo is shared on this website. The CDs are distributed by me or by volunteers. If you want to distribute a CD, send me a message on contacts.
The antisocial distribuition - The art installation
The installation has the aim to make people think about the real meaning of the word “​sharing​”, in a world where social networks have given a virtual vision to this word (share photos, videos, news, virtual petitions). This is why the name “​antisocial distribution”. Without the intent of demonizing Facebook, Twitter and others, the installation wants to demonstrate that you can share also in real life. Some places chosen are highly symbolic as the headquarters of the European Commission in Brussels and the White House in Washington because the correct interpretation of the word "​sharing​" also passes through the centres of power. Share among all ... resources and wealth.