‘Full Frontal’ Donated a House to Help an Immigration Charity

“Full Frontal” might be airing an immigration-themed Christmas special later this week, but the show is also making sure that one of their contributions lasts a lot longer than that. TBS announced on Monday that the Samantha Bee-hosted late-night show had worked to donate a house to El Refugio, a… Read More: ‘Full Frontal’ Donated […]

‘Vice’ Review: Christian Bale Is a Perfect Dick Cheney, But the Satire Tries Too Hard

In an age of political tomfoolery that reaches cartoonish heights on a regular basis, political satire has become an antiquated conceit. Few punchlines about American governance resonate as much as the real-life incidents that inspire it. In light of that shift, Adam McKay’s “Vice,” which reaches into the recent past… Read More: ‘Vice’ Review: Christian […]

Twitter Highlights Brands’ Most Creative Uses of the Platform in 2018

Remember when Colonel Sanders live-tweeted an episode of General Hospital? Or when Wendy’s and Little Debbie live-tweeted like they were on a talk show? Well, Twitter wants you to. The social media company on Monday rolled out a list of what it said were the best and most successful brand… Read More: Twitter Highlights Brands’ […]

Augmented and Virtual Reality Will Both Become Immensely Important This Holiday Season

They may not be ubiquitous quite yet, but augmented reality and virtual reality are beginning to reshape modern shopping, providing consumers immersive experiences and enabling them to envision everything from a kitchen renovation to how different cosmetics could enhance one’s appearance. The Boston Consulting Group estimates that 80 million Americans… Read More: Augmented and Virtual […]

Paul Feig Is Filled With Terror About These Things

Though the impeccable exterior of his wide range of multi-colored suits may suggest otherwise, there are some things in life that Paul Feig is a little afraid of. In an episode of the WNYC Studios podcast “10 Things That Scare Me,” the writer and filmmaker took a few minutes to… Read More: Paul Feig Is […]

Consumers Yearn for Privacy, and Marketers Will Need to Respect That in 2019

If you thought social was a fast-moving space before 2018, the turbocharged changes we’ve been experiencing this year may have left you at the very least confused and, at worst, lying in a dark corner in the fetal position. I know I’ve had my moments. Cambridge Analytica, GDPR, executives in… Read More: Consumers Yearn for […]

7.8 Million YouTube Videos Were Removed During the Third Quarter

YouTube removed 7.8 million videos during the third quarter of 2018, with 81 percent of those videos originally detected by machines and 74.5 percent of those that were detected by machines never receiving a single view, it revealed in its most recent community guidelines enforcement report. The Google-owned video site… Read More: 7.8 Million YouTube […]

‘The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’ First Look: Netflix Series Unveils Cast

Netflix is returning to the world of “The Dark Crystal,” and it’s bringing a veritable army of big-name performers with it. The streaming service unveiled its gigantic cast for “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance,” a series set before the events of the beloved 1982 Jim Henson film “The Dark… Read More: ‘The Dark Crystal: […]