Locarno 2018 Vision Award 2018 to Kyle Cooper

  © Collection Cinémathèque suisse. All rights reserved.   Locarno71 will pay homage to Kyle Cooper with the Vision Award Ticinomoda, dedicated to those who have used their talents to create new perspectives in the world of cinema. The U.S. filmmaker and graphic designer will be a guest in Piazza Grande… Read More: Locarno 2018 Vision […]

The Locarno 2018 Leopard Club Award to Meg Ryan

The witty character with that unique ability to combine beauty with irony. For years she has been the undisputed queen of romantic comedy but has also been able, over time, to take on other genres such as dramas and thrillers. The fact that Meg Ryan occupies a central position in… Read More: The Locarno 2018 […]

The Locarno 2018 Best Independent Producer Award to US producer Ted Hope

The Best Independent Producer Award 2018 “Premio Raimondo Rezzonico”, the Locarno Festival award dedicated to those involved in independent international production, will go to the US producer Ted Hope. He, who has been able to credit the history of independent cinema, bringing new and unexpected voices into the spotlight, will… Read More: The Locarno 2018 […]

AMC’s Dietland Aimed Wide and Mostly Hit Its Marks in a Chaotic First Season

AMC’s new series Dietland — which just wrapped up its first season this week — could be considered a peak show of the summer. That’s not because it was particularly popular or perfectly constructed (in fact, it was neither of those things), but because it feels like an amalgam of… Read More: AMC’s Dietland Aimed […]

A Bright Start: DiS Does Sharpe Festival

The last few years have seen a proliferation in the number of European showcase festivals, and to the likes of MENT, Spring Break, Vil Vil Vest, Eurosonic, and Tallinn Music Week we can now add Sharpe, a brand new event aimed at providing promising new artists a platform to break… Read More: A Bright Start: […]

Review: Heartracer Debut New Single and Video ‘Diamond Sea’ [Video]

Heartracer are one of the new indie techno pop darlings Your EDM advised its readers to pay attention to with their first single, “All at Once.” A combination of 80s stynths, wall of sound ambient music reminiscent of shoegaze rock and electro and gorgeous vocals, Heartracer has the potential to… Read More: Review: Heartracer Debut […]

Your EDM Playlist and Mix: Synergy Gives Us a Glimpse Into ‘The Abyss’

The Russian duo Synergy seem to be pumping out the tunes at a crazy level lately, with two EPs out on Eatbrain alone in the last three months, not to mention singles on Neosignal, Viper with Teddy Killerz and a remix on RAM for DC Breaks. Their The Abyss EP… Read More: Your EDM Playlist […]

Janet Jackson: Before and After Nipplegate

Subscribe via iTunes | Google Play | Radio Public | Stitcher | RSS In 2001, Janet Jackson was on top of the pop music world. Her blockbuster album All For You had just made her the first artist in the history of music to produce five consecutive number one albums in a… Read More: Janet Jackson: Before […]