What if instead of looking for something to listen to, something finds you?

This CD is a musical project and an art installation.
Twelve instrumental pieces. Twelve melodies developed among minimalism, sacred arias, electronics and tribal choirs, which look into musical fruition and reception through art's most ancient distribution system: the road.
The same way that for centuries storytellers, wandering musicians and street artists entrusted to the road their chance to meet with their audience, thus Works relies on meeting with its listener through a selfless and real sharing, beyond the web and social networks.
But if I share my music with you, what do you share? Simple. A photo of the new location of this CD: a bookshelf, a collection of records, your car...
On this site you can find the map of the places were the copies of Works have been left and the instructions to upload your photos. And if you want to write to express your opinions or use the music, there you can also find my contact information.
Enjoy the music.

Works is a collection of songs written by Rocco Granata, distributed for free in two ways.
Through the social distribution you can download for free the entire album from this site and share it as you wish. After listening you can choose to buy the album on any major internet (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon) store to help fund other productions.
The non-social distribution of the album consists of 300 printed numbered copies, left in public places, ready to be taken home and be listened.
What if instead of looking for something to listen to, something finds you?

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