Keep Our Creatives In Check, 2

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Hi, I'm Rocco Granata and I'm a composer. On this page I repost news from favorite sites. Below you find my works Modern Times EP (2018) and Works (2016). Listen to my music and send me a message if you want to use it for your work. Modern Times EP is available on all stores. Works is available for free on download page . Works is the musical part of the installation 300 Cds around the World. Soili is a my IDM music project. It's a my electronic alter ego.

Rocco Granata - Modern Times EP (2018)

Rocco Granata - Works (2016)

Download for free Rocco Granata - Works (Full album mp3)

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Soili - What does it mean? by Rocco Granata (2018)

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