Outdoor ad: Chaeli Campaign: Bet Chaeli Can't

Chaeli was born with Cerebral Palsy. People have been betting against her throughout her whole life and she keeps proving them wrong. She decided to do it again. This time, she was going to ride a horse for five days to raise funds for children with disabilities.Category: Charities & appealsClient:…
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Hi, I'm Rocco Granata and I'm a composer. On this page I repost news from favorite sites. Below you find my works Modern Times EP (2018) and Works (2016). Listen to my music and send me a message if you want to use it for your work. Modern Times EP is available on all stores. Works is available for free on download page . Works is the musical part of the installation 300 Cds around the World. Soili is a my IDM music project. It's a my electronic alter ego.

Rocco Granata - Modern Times EP (2018)

Rocco Granata - Works (2016)

Download for free Rocco Granata - Works (Full album mp3)

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Soili - What does it mean? by Rocco Granata (2018)

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