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An emotional piano arpeggio introduces a hopeful theme by cello that develops into an emotional chorus with crescendo. Strings deepen and punctuate the emotive tension. Download
Neo classical piece. A warm harp with a solo flute create a dreamy atmosphere where an ethereal soprano voice builds an angelic melody that open to a male choir voices. This piece is in 2 versions: main version (with soprano anch choirs), choir version (without soprano). Download
In my bed
Passionate female vocal song about sensual love. Chorus by intense vocal performance and massive percussion pathos. Instrumental version available. Download
Like a Swan
Inspiring and motivational song with a beautiful dreamy piano theme. Download
Cry of Love
The piece begin with a a hopeful and innocent piano intro reinforced by synth loop. Led by an emotional and delayed piano theme built with few notes. In the chorus the piano melody is joined by an delayed guitar and cello. Download
Change Me
Intense female vocal ballad about life and the need to change it. Chorus by female voice, piano and orchestral string crescendo. Instrumental version is available. Download
Without You
At the beginning of the piece a very emotive and simple delayed piano theme is joined by emotional cello. Chorus builds with a intense delayed piano melody and sustained by orchestral string section and bass drum like as heartbeat. Download
Beautiful inspiring and motivational song with folk and oriental influences. Ideal for travel documentaries. Download
A piano and cello intro develops into an epic theme performed first by a piano then by orchestral string joined by dub step synth and groove loops with a positive end. Download
A beautiful emotional piano theme plays with a yearning cello, a pulse synth builds an hopeful atmosphere that grows in intensity by massive orchestra, percussion and tribal choir: emotional outro. No tribal choir version available. Download
Lost Memories
An ethereal piano melody duets with a cello. This duet develops into an emotional orchestral section where horns and flutes play a hopeful theme. The outro is a variation of first ethereal piano melody. This track features 2 versions. Main version and “piano & cello” version. Download
Motivational and inspiring electronic song with massive string lead theme, EDM elements. Download
People live in a box
A playful piano piece with emotional mood. The chorus is a playful piano arpeggio sustained by ethereal cello and string. Outro by simple piano melody with suspended mood. Download
Graceful piano and ethereal cello pad develop into a emotional chorus with cello melody and arpeggio piano. Positive end with few emotional note by piano. Download
A gentle piano theme is intro. Afterward piano, string, bass and drum develops in post rock atmosphere. Percussion, string and electric guitars grow into an epic mood with cymbal hit. Download
To the Glory
Motivational and inspiring electronic song with epic choir and jungle beat. Download
A playful theme by piano and cello develops in an drama climax where piano chords and string sections meet a dramatic piano theme that drives to the end of the song. Download
What's up
Happy and optimistic inspirational electronic track with a energetic and powerful sax in Pop Dance style with edm elements. Download
A Young Man
An emotive piano ballad with a tender and sweet theme that grows in intensity accompanied by a cello and a glitch synth. Download