You can use Rocco Granata’s music under the Free Creative Commons License (free download) in this projects: No Profit Website, Youtube no Monetization, School Projects, Non-commercial Project.
You can use for free as long as you credit music from Examples of proper way to credit us: “Music: or “Music: « Song Title » from”

The Standard License (€ 20) gives you rights to use my music for Personal Website, Youtube and Video Monetization (0-10 episodes), Podcast (0-10 episodes).

The Broadcast License A (€ 40) gives you rights to use my music for On line Commercial Project (for 1 Year), Web Advertise (for 1 Year), Commercial Website (for 1 Year), Youtube and Video Monetization (more 10 episodes), Podcast (more 10 episodes).

The Broadcast License B (€ 60) gives you rights to use my music for Indie Film, National/International TV/Radio Show (for 1 Year), Software and Applications.

The Full-Scale License (€ 500) gives you rights to use my music for Mainstream Film and Series, National/International TV/Radio Advertising (for 1 Year).

Restriction on use
– A license is applicable to one person or company only. If you are in the business of selling projects such as corporate videos, websites or messages on hold to several clients you must buy a license for each of them or contact us to negotiate a multiple client license.
– In the event of resale, the music must be synchronized with another media. It is therefore forbidden to resell and/or appropriate music tracks in isolation even if one or multiple sounds or vocals are added.

You do not have the right to:
– Claim our music as your own.
– Register our music in any store/platform.
– Make music, song or remix with our music.

Free Creative Commons License
Credits: music from
School Project
No Profit Website
Youtube no Monetization
Non-commercial Project
Standard License
€ 20
Personal Website
Youtube and Video Monetization
(0-10 episodes)
Podcast (0-10 episodes)
Broadcast License A
€ 40
On line Commercial Project
Web Advertise
Commercial Website
Youtube and Video Monetization
(more 10 episodes)
Podcast (more 10 episodes)
Broadcast License B
€ 60
Indie Film
National/International TV/Radio Show
Software and Applications
Full-Scale License
€ 500
Mainstream Film and Series
National/International TV/Radio Advertising