300 CDs around the world
This is the first CD that is both a musical project and art installation. Works is a collection of 12 instrumental tracks written and produced by me, distributed free in two ways: antisocial and social. Through the social distribuition the album was available in free download on this site. Through the antisocial distribuition "Works" is handed out through an art installation. Works has been made into 300 numbered and signed CDs, left on the streets or in public places, there to be picked by people passing by. Every copy left is photographed and the photo is shared on this website. The CDs are distributed by me or by volunteers, see on Google Maps or list of distributed Cds.If you want to distribute a CD, send me a message on contacts.
The music
The tracks are based on a conversation between a piano and a cello. These two instruments are the core of the musical structure of “Works”. From this core, the conversation is enriched by drum machines (Arise), sample loops (Lost Memories), tribal choirs (Haka), groove dubstep (Earth), synths and effects (A Young Man, Cry Of Love), strings (Life, Undead, Harden My Heart, Without You). The track “Harden My Heart” is a cover of Quaterflash, an 80s pop band. Lullaby is the only track of the album that I wrote for a soprano, guitar, flute and choir. It is structured as a sacred aria, but the lack of any kind of religious lyrics and the use of the voice just as another instrument gives it a secular feeling in its interpretation.


Thomas Munz: piano
Lita Rodcenko: cello
Rocco Granata: bass, synth, sampling, orchestrator

Music and arrangement by Rocco Granata except “Harden My Heart” written by Marvin Webster Ross, courtesy of Warner Bros Music.

Artwork: Maria McGinley, “Autumn’s Child”.

Thanks: Sossio, Raffaelina, Biagio e Melina.

Special Thanks: Angelo Bitonto & Iolanda Nardandrea, Eddie Matus & Magdalena Duhagon, Art To Be Stolen, Umberto Tozzi, Claudia Anedda, Doris Di Nicola, Bionditudine, Marianoricciosole, Alberto Firrincieli, Ilaria Castellazzi, Karin Stifter, Christina Posch, Marco Zordan, Sossio Aversana, Melissa Rossi, Zeitwille, Linda Primo, Fabrizio Schiavoni, Leo Pietrafesa, Michela Niccolai, Damien Philipidhis, Petra Rudolf, Justin Sarmast, Luisa Loiacono, Pop Calin Ovidiu, Lara Badioli, Lara Gramantieri, Antonio Petronzi, Chiarastella Foschini, Angela Nunez Gaitan, Giulia Floris, Olja Nekrasova, Stefan Stignei, Chump Magazine, Susana González Antonete, Eleonora Bertani, Sara Mushroom, Mariarosaria Castelletti, Paola Trussardi, Sargon Nissan, Rami Fetyani, Petra Rudolf, Luigi Stranieri, Marta Grimaccia, Magdalena Wurm, Francesco Messina, Asli Tasdemiroglu, Adam Wesky, Lucia De Falco, Michele Tarzia, Valentina Loffredo, Marco Triolo, Sedova Julia, Elvira Lamanna, Marco Ginghini, Mario Landolfo, Stefano Covili, Stefano Siracusa, Diana Dawid Bishay, Leonardo Vegli, Audiofarm

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